Flatiron Travel And Expense Policy (Non-Employee)
Flatiron Travel & Expense Policy (Non-Employee)

02 Mar 2022 - 15:24 | Version 11
The Simons Foundation reimburses non–employees for properly authorized, reasonable, necessary, appropriately documented business expenses that further the Foundation’s mission. Expenses over $50 require a receipt for reimbursement. Expenses must be submitted within three weeks of being incurred.

How to Book Travel

All travel and hotel arrangements must be booked through the Foundation’s preferred travel agency. The Center Manager will help you coordinate your travel. Travel arrangements not booked through our travel agency must be pre-approved by the Center Manager and flight receipts must be provided for fares not booked through the agency. Air travel containing a personal segment and change fees for personal reasons are not reimbursable. You will be booked in the Foundation’s preferred hotel, and hotel staff gratuities should not exceed $2 per night per service.


Airline tickets must be purchased at least 14 days in advance for domestic flights and 21 days in advance for international flights. The Foundation pays for economy tickets for flights under three hours and premium economy for flights three hours or more. The Foundation pays for up to two checked bags.


Business class tickets may be booked for domestic rail travel, including Amtrak Acela trains; international rail must be reserved in economy.

Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicle use will be reimbursed on a per mile basis in addition to parking and toll costs. A map printout is required as distance documentation. The mileage reimbursement will be according to the IRS published rate for that year, which is auto calculated in the expense reimbursement system, Concur.

Travel within NYC

For travel within New York City or other major US cities, travelers are expected to use public transit when possible. In other cases (such as travel to and from the airport) taxicab and Uber fares will be reimbursed with a receipt with the tip clearly noted. Tips should not exceed 20%.


The Foundation reimburses personal meal expenses while traveling on business and when a particular meal is not already provided by the Foundation. When a group of travelers are dining together, each non-employee should provide his/her own credit card receipt along with the detailed meal receipt to be reimbursed for the meal. Maximum meal expenses (including beverages and gratuities) are: $20.00 Breakfast; $30.00 Lunch; $65.00 Dinner. Personal travel meal limits are not “per diem” allowances. Only amounts spent will be reimbursed. The meal detail receipt is required and must be submitted for reimbursement along with the credit card receipt.


The Foundation does not book Airbnb or other home-sharing accommodations for non-employees. If travelers choose to stay at an Airbnb, they will be reimbursed for the expense through Concur.

Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Following the meeting, you will receive an email from the Simons Finance team with instructions and a link to a web-based expense reimbursement platform. All approved expenses will be processed and reimbursed via direct deposit in approximately 30 days of receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact the center's administrative manager
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